As designers, we build from what the world teaches us.


My curiosity toward design began at a young age with a box of Legos. I further developed this passion by the celebration of cultural differences and communities I’ve interacted with while living in Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, and the US.

Today, my passion lies in combining the power of design and technology to address social and global challenges, while being mindful of business and user needs. My exposure to different cultures allows me to relate with people and understand the needs of those I design for.

My work experience ranges from small startup companies to digital agencies and corporate organizations. Through these, I have gained proficiency in Visual Design and User Experience by acting as the bridge between design and development.

Over the past year, I’ve been pursuing my Master’s degree in Interaction Design, building a stronger foundation in Design, Leadership and Social Impact. Graduated in August 2018, I’m now looking to work on exciting projects with an inspiring team.


I approach design with curiosity, determination, and focus on the team’s strengths. I believe that teamwork is about agility and flexibility in order to a have dynamic and collaborative design process. I'd like to share with you some of my recent additions to my readding library.




As a hobby or freelance, traveling and taking pictures relaxes me. I’m always looking forward to my next adventure and capture the uniqueness of each place. The ultimate goal? Backpack from Argentina to Vancouver but for now, This coming year, I would like to capture the Northern Lights. Here is a collection of images I’ve taken over the past years.




Over the past years, I’ve started Alby's Freestyle as an initiative to celebrate food as a way to bring people together, share stories, and discover new restarts around the world.




Last but not least, I love attending to different music events and even if I’m not much of a music maker; I do enjoy listening and creating playlists for different occasions. The89TrouperFM is a Sound Cloud station I started a few years back.